Project Location: Ebony, Edo, Ondo and Plateau states of Nigeria

Project Duration: November 2021-Febuary 2022

In 2021, Population Reference Bureau developed the “Youth Family Planning Policy Scorecard” which assesses policy environments in 28 countries (Nigeria inclusive) or youth family planning (FP) across the following eight indicators parental and spousal consent; FP access based on age and marital status; provider authorization; access to a full range of methods including LARCs; CSE, youth FP service provision; and creating an enabling environment.

To this end, NAYA held series of activities to address the gaps affecting the provision of youth friendly family planning services in Nigeria. The Nigeria specific youth family planning policy scorecard was used as evidence during the event to raise awareness about the current status of Adolescent and Youth Friendly Health Service (AYFHS) access and uptake and to generate sympathy for action demanded from stakeholders in achieving: (i) Release of funds for FP and AYFHS budget line (ii) Integration of AYFHS in PHCs and (iii) Training of PHC providers on FP and AYFHS service provision.

The following activities were implemented by NAYA: One-day virtual presentation on Youth FP Policy Scorecard webinar; Four sessions of 1-day intergenerational multi-stakeholders dialogues; and 2-day virtual meeting with 36 NAYA member organization representatives from Bauchi, Benue, Borno, Ebonyi, Gombe, Edo, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Ondo, Plateau, Rivers states and the Federal Capital Territory. Key outcome include:

The webinar facilitated by PRB on the youth FP scorecard increased NAYA member organization staff understanding of status of existing youth FP polices

The scorecard allowed participants to quickly scan the extent to which State policy environment enables and supports youth access to and use Youth friendly Health services and helped participants to learn about bast practice that could be adopted

The stakeholders reached during the dialogues expressed increased understanding on adolescent and youth health concerns and demonstrated readiness and willingness to adapt key recommendation in the communication materials as well as campaign against barriers militating against reproductive health and family planning services for young people.

120 AYFHS champions emerged from the dialogue sessions.

Commitment statements was obtained from the stakeholders to influence the implementation of adolescent and youth friendly health services.

NAYA advocates committed sustain her advocacy efforts on the implementation of AYFHS policies until the desired outcome is achieved.

Health Journalist engaged on the project dedicated editorials, special feature/opinion articles, commentaries and special programmes on adolescent and youth Sexual Reproductive Health Rights using traditional and social media spaces.