RETARD Drug is a 12-month youth-driven Drug Education and Prevention project implemented by Novel Association for Youth Advocacy (NAYA) and funded AstraZeneca. RETARD Drug is aimed at reducing new drug uptake and continued use among youth in Kuje Area Council, FCT, Nigeria.

Novel Association for Youth Advocacy (NAYA) is developing a Drug Education and Prevention (DE&P) e-course with five (5) out-of-school young persons and two experts (Drug Education Expert and IT Expert), to encourage young persons use their smartphones access information on drug-related topics.

The DE&P Course will be popularized among Fifty (50) NAYA Youth-driven organizations and other youth groups, with a target of reaching 800 DE&P e-course users. Thirty (30) young people will be taken through a 10-day in-person training to equip them with knowledge and skills to communicate effectively on drugs and health to peers.

They will then engage with 150 out-of-school young persons through a physical 1-day step-down training on DE&P. Every level of interaction includes games and other fun activities to increase engagement.

Course Outline

Module 1: Drug-use prevalence, control and regulations in Nigeria
Module 2: Basic Concepts in Drug Education and Prevention
Module 3: What are the causes of drug and substance abuse among youth in Nigeria?
Module 4: What are the symptoms and effects of drug and substance abuse among youth?
Module 5: Prevention, treatment, and care for drug use and addiction